Johannes Tscholl

Schiffbruch / Shipwreck

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Shipwreck is a tricky adventure, strategy and simulation game. You are stranded on a lonely island and for now have no hope of getting rescued. You have to find a way to get of the island. Therefore you should discover the island first and try to survive. Then you can try to draw attention so someone can find you. Shipwreck is a remake of the PC game „Schiffbruch“ by Dirk Plate.


Mirro is a new challenging, minimalistic puzzle game. There exist two type of blocks in the game. The normal block moves in the direction the player swipes, the reversed block moves in the opposite direction of the swipe. All the blocks need to be swiped to their goal position on the field.

Kaiser 64

Kaiser 64 - The Empire is a remake of the C64 game "Kaiser" Kaiser plays in the Middle Ages were your goal is to become the first player to get the title "Kaiser". 1-4 human players can participate in this race versus each other or up to 4 computers. Every player gets a certain starting capital and has to try to act cleverly and rise up in titles by fulfilling some requirements until he finally gets crowned Kaiser.

Pecky Bird

Pecky Bird is the first little fun game I made. It is a casual game where you need to tap on the right time to peck in the tree. The game was realeased for iOS and Android..


A native app for iOS and Android for keeping track of the daily training in skiing teams.